Recording & Concert Updates

Updates have shifted to my once monthly e-news! 

Join the backstage pass into my journey. I share the concert dates, private listen links to songs I'm working on, and a love note. 

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Have you heard of Bandcamp

This digital platform helps independent artists connect with fans, build community, sell merchandise online and provide listeners like you with opportunities to support with the option to donate above listed prices for song downloads…

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The Week A Single Drops

It feels exhilarating and slightly terrifying to finally be sharing recorded music. 

This Friday (July 8, 2022), my humble debut track will be on display and on record as a starting point for my recording art. 

You should be able…

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Busy Is An Understatement...

The past few weeks have been action and learning packed for me! Some of the recent highlights have included:  

  • Technical foundations: joining ASCAP as the Performing Rights Organization to help collect my performance royalties, painstakingly researching and sifting through…
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Back in the Saddle for 2022

The past couple of years have been a ride, regardless of industry hasn't it?

As a gigging musician this past season has been... a lot. 

From the cancellation of all live music gigs in 2020, to developing tendinitis this past…

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For the artists getting 10,000 streams, which would seem like a noble amount, the payout is between $60 to $84, before any shareholders are paid (i.e DSP’s, labels, pubs).”