Darcy is a vocalist & songwriter sharing music-as-medicine using themes of love, longing, loss, and sass.




In this fusion of candid storytelling and song, Darcy Nelson shares music as medicine to console, comfort, and uplift.  


Press & Media Mentions

Learn more about Darcy Nelson from blog stories and local media shout outs. 

Made of Dreams Podcast

Season 2 | Episode: 3

Catch a discussion with host Ashley Riley and guest, Darcy Nelson about creativity, songwriting and music medicine. 
Find this podcast on Apple or your preferred streaming platform. 

Optimism in the Pandemic

CPR - Colorado Matters | April 2020

Denver Singer Darcy Nelson stays optimistic in the pandemic. Listen to an interview clip and song recording at minute 47:45 of this recording of Colorado Matters from April 13th, 2020. 

Denver Artist Feature

Colorado Music Artist Issue

Read the full page feature on page 16 of the March/April issue of Denver's Lohi Lifestyle Magazine.