The Week A Single Drops

It feels exhilarating and slightly terrifying to finally be sharing recorded music. 

This Friday (July 8, 2022), my humble debut track will be on display and on record as a starting point for my recording art. 

You should be able to search for it on any streaming store and give a listen! That fact is exciting and slightly terrifying. 

Reflecting on the years it has taken to get started making music art that lasts has been a trip. I noticed a curious parallel -- the very first song I wrote in 2012 was inspired by a meet-cute centered around a pool party.

The tender melody channels fear of vulnerability and caring more than someone else. That song has never matured into a work ready to share with the world, but it has some poignant lines that might call for a revisit and rewrite. Writing this song also pushed me towards learning the guitar. At the time I was learning my first instrument, the mandolin, and when I shared it with my instructor, she insisted I needed to switch to guitar if I wanted to accompany my own songs with an instrument. She believed in me, and I had no clue how much songwriting would become central to my passions in life. 

10 years later, and after many filled song books, my debut self-released single, "See Your Face" also happened to be inspired by a pool party meet-cute. (Pre-save here).

The message of this song couldn't be more different than the first though -- exuding a fearless anthem of adoration: "I could see your face, for the rest of my days. I could love your face for forever and always."  

My perspective has shifted massively over the years along with my personal growth, moving from a narrative of deep longing and shame in being fully seen towards agency found in embracing my inner truths, planning my own liberation from "stuck" situations, and finding joy in life regardless of who may or may not be along for the ride.  

As much as I'd love to record and share all the music I've made in between these two songs, the passing of time has left me with "outgrown" feelings for a number of earlier originals that helped me process painful situations and disappointments as best as I could at the time.  

After learning the basics of self-publishing on my first release rodeo, my hope is to have a couple more singles (maybe even an EP) ready in the next six months so that I can maintain momentum and make progress towards the goal of an album in the coming years. 

What's Next? After releasing "See Your Face" and soundtrack single for a short film called Outlawz, I'll be working on a song with rich and deep medicine bringing light to the shadow side of the human experience that many of us and those we love struggle with. Stay tuned for more! I'll be sharing behind the scenes of snippets from making my first song including photos of the odd material I started drafting the song on and some early clips of me writing the song back in 2019. Keep an eye on Instagram for those Reels and clips: @darcynelsonmusic

Thank you for joining alongside me in this journey as I use my passion for music as medicine!

Love and light,  


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